Our Process

The concept is simple, the implementation and application is where the magic happens!
There’s absolutely no need to overcomplicate the process for generating high quality leads for your property business! 
Here at The Funnel Genies we break the process down into three clear stages: 
  1. Build the funnel
  2. Drive traffic to the funnel
  3. Optimise & scale the funnel
And our services reflect these three clear stages of the lead generation process. 

Our Process

1. Discovery Call

We’ll take you through a process that enables us to understand who your ideal customer is.

Ideal customers tend to be those who spend the most money with you which means we also need to identify a specific service you offer that’s worth the most to your business. 

The work carried out at our “Discovery” stage will give us all the information we need to build a highly effective marketing funnel that attracts the right kind of customers for your business. 

2. Build Your Funnel

Once we understand who you would like to attract to your business and which service you’d like to attract them for we can start building out the “funnel” that’s going generate those leads. 

We create marketing content called lead magnets which are specifically designed to get your ideal customer to “put their hand up” and show they’re interested in what you offer. 

We then build out something called a “nurture sequence” that continues to offer value to that lead as well as consistently building trust with your brand. 

The funnel allows you to capture your prospects information early in their “consideration phase” which makes this one of the most cost effective marketing strategies out there! 

Wooden figures of people and a magnet

3. Find Your Ideal Customers

Once your high converting funnel is built you’re going to need to direct people to it so we can start generating leads for your business. We call this part of the process “traffic acquisition” and it comes in two forms: 

1. Organic traffic

2. Paid Traffic

Organic traffic is free and usually comes from marketing tactics such as SEO, social media posting, social media engagement, answering questions in industry specific forums/groups, collaboration/partnerships etc. 

Paid traffic is exactly as it sounds. This includes “old school” tactics such as direct mail, local magazines etc. 

Alternatively, our preferred paid marketing includes Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, YouTube advertising etc.

During the Foundations stage we’ll work with you to identify which traffic strategies are best for your property business moving forwards and how we can support you with those. 

4. Optimise & Improve

Inevitably in marketing, what’s working today might not necessarily be working (or at least working as well) in the future so it’s always best practise to keep an eye on your numbers and make necessary tweaks / adjustments to ensure your funnels are always working at their best. 

Numbers you need to be aware of include your conversion rates, cost per lead, return on ad spend and others. 

As part of our ongoing monthly management service we’ll continually observe and tweak as necessary to ensure you’re always getting the best return possible on your marketing budget (our own costs included). 

Analysis data sheet

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