About Us

Imagine if there was a way to generate leads for your business on autopilot without you having to lift a finger.
Well, it's 100% possible and it's exactly what we do!

Our Purpose

“To help property businesses generate more leads & convert more deals, as efficiently as possible, by leveraging the power of marketing & conversion funnels”

Our Story

Borne out of our own marketing needs, Funnel Genies was founded in 2022 to help property businesses generate more leads, convert more deals and automate additional revenue moving forward. 

With 17+ years industry experience, we understand the conversation that’s going on in your ideal customers head. 

But, instead of offering you multiple services, which could end up costing you a fortune, we wanted to keep things simple

Our focus is entirely on building you a lead generation funnel that takes your ideal customer on a voyage of discovery of your brand to becoming a customer and then generating additional revenue into the future! 

We don’t feel we need to complicate things – our job is to build you a marketing funnel, that generates, nurtures and converts (and continues to convert) leads into revenue for your business long after we’ve gone. 

Meet Our Founder...

Mark Dunsmore

Founder & Head Funnel Genie

Whether it was working in a bar in Cascais (Portugal) after leaving school at 18, or in his various sales roles on returning to the UK in his 20s, Mark has always been pretty good at generating leads and converting them into deals. 

Some say it’s his “gift of the gab”, others say it’s his non descript, “hybrid” accent, some even say it’s just because he’s such a nice guy – but whatever it is, he gets results. 

Mark’s come a long way from the old days of making 100s of calls a day in his telesales roles, or knocking on doors for 8+ hours a day during his field sales days. 

Mark discovered digital marketing. 

Not only did this make generating leads more efficient, it also saved shoe leather and his vocal chords!

After a successful career in property agency, Mark set up his own property consultancy and applied these new marketing skills (along with a little bit of the “old school” tactics – which still work by the way) and built several successful lead generation “funnels” for his business. 

In 2022, Mark decided to launch a new digital agency, focused on helping businesses generate more leads and convert those leads into paying customers / deals. 

Using his expertise in marketing funnel strategy, content marketing, copywriting and email marketing, Mark helps his clients build marketing funnels that capture leads at the “consideration phase” (thinking about it) and nurtures them right through to the “decision phase” (doing it). 

When Mark’s not building marketing funnels for his clients, he enjoys playing golf (as much as possible), travelling abroad (sun seeking to rekindle his memories of growing up in Portugal) and investing in residential property in the north of England. 

(Oh, and spending time with his wonderful family!!)