"Lead Generation Experts For The Property Industry"

we help your business generate more seller, buyer & landlord leads,

by building automated lead generation funnels,

leaving you to focus on what you do best!

Want MORE SELLER, BUYER & LANDLORD leads for your property business,
WITHOUT the need for "Power Hours", direct mail or leaflet drops?

As former agents ourselves, we understand the importance of generating seller & landlord leads consistently for your agency. 

But often your marketing efforts follow a “feast or famine” pattern – not doing it when you’re busy and frantically doing it when you’re not! 

You’re also probably dependent on property portal leads – you and every other agent in your area! 

What if there was a way to have a consistent flow of high quality vendor & landlord leads coming into your agency without you having to lift a finger? 

Even better, what if those leads were unique to you so you could get in there before anyone else!

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Our Lead Generation Services

Seller Lead Generation

A constant flow of high quality seller / vendor leads is the "Holy Grail" of any Estate Agency / Real Estate business. We specialise in building out full marketing campaigns designed to generate high quality vendor/seller leads, on autopilot that come to you before anyone else! We know your sales pipeline is the lifeblood of your business so we ensure we do our bit of filling it up with quality leads.

Landlord Lead Generation

Whether it's individual landlords looking for a one off "let only" service, or high value portfolio landlords looking for your fully managed package, our team will set up everything you need to generate high quality leads on autopilot. Our job is to ensure you've got plenty of landlords in the pipeline to maintain a steady growth of your management portfolio.

Buyer Lead Generation

It's all well and good having lots of incoming property lead generation but we also understand how important it is to have high quality buyer leads coming into your business as well. Whether it's investors looking to add to their portfolio or high net worth clients looking for £1m+ properties, we take time to understand who you're looking to introduce your business to and go out and find them!

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How we help

We build marketing funnels to generate more valuation / market appraisal leads for your property business.

But what's a funnel?

It's marketing "spiel" for a process that takes someone who's never heard of your business before to becoming a client (and ideally a repeat client).

Each stage of the funnel requires a different marketing skill and is designed to effect a desired "mini result" as your prospects move through each stage.

Our full funnel building service takes care of all the necessary elements so, once built, it's ready to start generating high quality leads on auto-pilot.

How we do it (our marketing services)

Website Design

The first port of call when someone's looking you up (following any marketing activity) is your website. We build fully optimised websites designed to turn those visitors (traffic) into leads and customers

Full Marketing Funnel Build

We will design and build a fully optimised lead generation funnel designed to acquire your ideal customers on auto-pilot. From content to landing pages to ad setup - we've got you covered!

PPC / Paid Advertising

The quickest route to your ideal customers is via paid advertising. We specialise in both Google and Facebook advertising and set up campaigns to grow your email list at the same time as generating "hot" leads for your property business.

Social Media Management

Part of your organic traffic strategy should always include social media. Regular, high value content being posted across multiple channels ensures your brand is everywhere it needs to be to attract your ideal customers.

Email Marketing

The most cost effective, high converting marketing comes from your email list. But an email lists needs a lot of care and attention otherwise it goes cold. We take care of all your email marketing needs including automations as well as "blasts" for special offers.

Content Creation

In today's modern world, content is king. It builds authority, it gains trust and it sets you apart from your competition. BUT, it's time consuming and always last on the list of things to do. Our content creation team will create everything you need so you don't need to even think about it!

Who We Work With

Estate Agents / Realtors

Generating a steady flow of seller leads has always been the main priority for Estate Agents / Realtors. Without properties to sell, you haven't really got much of a property sales business!

But it's hard balancing lead generation with sales activity which often leads to a "feast or famine" approach - panic marketing when times are tough and little to no marketing when times are good.

As former agents ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by your agency so set up to take the marketing "burden" off your plate so you can concentrate on doing what you do best...SELLING!

We will build a marketing funnel designed specifically to attract your ideal customer. This can be different for every agent, so we work with you to understand who you'd like more of in your business and then go out and find them.

Seller Lead Generations Funnel Genies
Landlord Lead Generations Funnel Genies

Lettings / Property Management Agents

We know size matters when it comes to your lettings and management portfolio. The more properties you have, the more recurring revenue you have and the more valuable your business becomes.

But lots of properties to look after also means your team is constantly fire fighting. When one fire's out, another begins which often means your marketing gets forgotten about.

We're here to ensure you're consistently generating landlord leads even when the team's busy managing your growing portfolio.

We work with you to understand which type of landlord you're most interested in adding to your portfolio (HMOs, single lets, portfolio landlords etc) and then set up automated marketing funnels to go out and find them. All your team needs to do is close the deal.

Property Sourcers / Deal Packagers
Real Estate Wholesalers

The sourcing / deal packaging world has become increasingly competitive over the past few years (we know because we've been there).

It's never been more important to be able to get in front of a property owner before anyone else does (including estate agents)!

Whether you're looking for motivated seller leads, portfolio landlord leads or even creative deals including rent to rent, lease options and assisted sales, we've got you covered.

Having operated a successful sourcing business for a few years ourselves, we know how important your lead pipeline is. We also know you can't just rely on agents if you want to build your business for the long term!

We'll build you a bespoke, direct to owner lead generation funnel leveraging our years of property industry and marketing experience so you can be confident you're the first person your lead's speaking wo every time!

Property Sourcer / Real Estate Wholesaler Lead Generation Funnel Genies
Property investors direct to vendor lead generation - Funnel Genies

Property / Real Estate Investors

We've seen a sharp rise in private investors looking to grow their own portfolios by doing their own lead generation activity and remove any reliance on Estate / Letting Agents or Property Sourcing companies.

When working with our private investor clients we work closely with you to understand the type of portfolio you're looking to build so that we can tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.

Once we understand what you're looking to achieve, we'll build you a bespoke marketing funnel that generates highly qualified, motivated owner property leads for you to speak with and start closing deals.

Of course, you're not going to be able to close every lead you speak with, but you can keep them "warm" by regularly communicating with them - something we can set up for you so that everything runs on autopilot leaving you to focus on getting your deals over the line and adding value in accordance with your "exit strategy".

Simple pricing from the Funnel Genies

At Funnel Genies we like to keep things simple.

We'll setup your lead generation funnel for you so that all you need to do is send web traffic to it (social media / organic or paid).

Alternatively, we can manage the full end to end process on your behalf so all you and your team need to do is call the leads and book in the appointments.

Social Media Management

Per Agency / Brand Name
£750 per month
  • Up to 5 social media channels
  • Up to 3 daily posts
  • Text & Graphic Posts Only (No Video)
  • Includes 1 Blog Post Per Month

Lead Generation Funnel Build

Seller / Landlord / Buyer Lead Generation Funnel
£ 2500 SETUP FEE
  • Full tech setup
  • Fully integrated calendar / call booking system setup
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Creation of all required pages (incl. Optin, Sales, Thank you, etc)
  • Email Marketing Setup (including nurture sequence)
  • SMS Marketing Setup
  • BONUS: 3 months Lead Management Software Included (RRP £199p/m)

PPC / Paid Ads Management

Management of ONE paid advertising channel
£ 1250 Monthly
  • Setup & Management of ONE Paid Media Platform
  • All required Graphic Design
  • All required sales copy
  • Analytics setup
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • NOTE: Lead Generation Funnel Must Be Purchased With This Service

About Us

Our Story

Every property business needs more leads, whether they want to admit it or not – we should know, we used to be agents ourselves!! 

Keeping your pipeline flowing is hard enough but ensuring it’s always full is a completely different challenge. 

We wanted to make agent’s lives easier.

We wanted to bring our 17 years of property industry experience, combine it with our marketing expertise and offer ourselves to become agent’s marketing partners. 

Consider us to be part of your team, tasked to generate vendor and landlord leads for your property business. 

Leave the marketing and lead generation to us so you can concentrate on what you do best – making more money!! 

Founder & CEO

Mark Dunsmore

Starting his property career way back in 2005 as a lowly trainee lettings negotiator for a new franchisee partner of a well know lettings franchise brand, Mark very quickly learned how important lead generation in property agency. 

As he progressed through his agency career (taking with him his previous recruitment and direct sales experience), Mark quickly gained a reputation (good one) for growing the business he worked with (quickly). 

In 2014, Mark set up his own property consultancy business working with investors to grow their portfolios by sourcing off market direct to vendor property leads whilst also growing his own creative property portfolio using the rent to rent strategy. 

2016 saw the launch of Goliath Property Academy, an online training business focused on helping investors build a property investment portfolio sourcing off market deals. 

Fast forward to today and Mark has now set up Funnel Genies, a property lead generation specialist helping agencies and private investors source more leads and close more deals by combining his digital marketing expertise with his extensive property experience. 

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