Leads are the oxygen required for EVERY business to survive!

And without a constant flow of leads, your business will suffocate!

But you’ve got a business to run, right?! 

You haven’t got time to be thinking about generating new customer leads or keeping up to date with the latest marketing tactics or platform algorithms.

And if you do, it’s because you hadn’t been doing enough lead generation when you were busy! 

It’s a vicious cycle that most business owners never manage to escape from… 

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered

At Funnel Genies, our entire focus is generating customer leads for our clients.

We become your lead generation team (without the high expense of multiple skilled marketers) 

We do what we’re good at, so you can focus on doing more of what you’re good at! 


Not All Customers Are Made Equal

We know that you’ll have certain “things” that you prefer to do in your business. 

Usually these are the higher value “jobs” that bring in the same income as multiple smaller jobs. 

Work less, earn more – the dream! 

Our job is to make that dream a reality for you. 

We work hard to understand exactly what you’d like to do more of so we can build out a marketing strategy and system to find more of those “ideal” customers. 

See, we’re not just another “generic” lead generation company sending you anything and everything.

We build lead generation “machines” that find, nurture and convert more ideal customers for your business – on auto-pilot! 

We Build Funnels

The “machines” we build are actually called “funnels” in the marketing world. 

They’re designed to capture leads at the top (the widest part of the funnel) and then nurture them down through various stages until they become a paying customer (and a repeat customer after that). 

Not everyone’s ready to buy from you when they first come across your business. 

But, if you can capture their information during the “consideration phase” and then nurture them until they’re ready to buy, you’ll build a much more robust pipeline of work meaning those days of “feast or famine” are over. 

There are many ways this can be done which is why we work closely with you to understand your business, your ideal customer and the best way to get them into your lead pipeline as quickly as possible. 

And all of this is happening whilst you’re out doing what you do best! 


Web Design

From full websites to opt-in pages we'll build the digital assets you need to acquire more leads for your business. Everything we build has one obejctive - more leads for your business!

Paid Advertising

The fastest way to generate leads for your business is via paid advertising. We specialise in Facebook & Google advertising as it's where we have most success generating leads for our clients.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most cost effective, long term play marketing tactics out there. Once you have a prospects email address you can market to them consistently - for free.


This is just a fancy marketing term for any written content that your business needs. This might be direct mail letters, website content, social media posts or anything else related to your marketing.


If your business wants more customers, we can help!

The beauty of being lead generation specialists is that we can work across pretty much any sector that needs more customers, however our true specialist industry is property. 

We work closely with you to understand your business, your ideal customer & your offers so that we can build a completely bespoke marketing funnel for your property business. 

For us, the key ingredients remain the same, whether you’re an Estate Agent looking for more seller leads, a plumber looking for more bathroom refits or a private investor looking for more off market property deals. 

The detail comes from you (you are the expert in your field after all), then we sprinkle our marketing magic over the top to create a lead generation machine that finds, nurtures and converts your ideal customers into raving fans!  


We believe in keeping things transparent and simple when it comes to our pricing. Our focus at Funnel Genies is entirely on finding you leads and that’s how are packages are setup. 

We don’t offer our traffic packages as a standalone as the magic comes with the funnels we build – it’s our specialist subject after all! 

We can set up a funnel for you without the traffic packages, however you’ll usually get the best results when we’re doing both. 

We want you to look at us as your marketing team, only we tend to be a lot more efficient (and we’re a fraction of the cost)! 


Setup and monthly management of your paid advertising campaigns to drive traffic into your funnel
£ 1000
  • Ad Account Setup (Google/YouTube OR Facebook)
  • Campaign Setup (x1 Platform)
  • Ad copy creation
  • Graphic asset creation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Client Dashboard Access
  • NOTE: Ad Spend Not Included (minimum £500 p/m)


Everything setup ready to generate seller and/or landlord leads. Includes access to our bespoke lead management software.
£ 2000
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Opt-in Page Setup
  • Calendar Integration
  • Follow Up Email Automation Setup
  • Lead Management System


Setup and monthly management of your paid and organic marketing including social media management on up to 3 platforms
£ 1500
  • Everything in "Paid Traffic Management" PLUS
  • Social Media Profile setup & optimisation
  • Organic posting on up to 3 social media accounts
  • Up to 3 posts per week per account (written posts only)


Founder - Mark Dunsmore

Whilst Mark has spent most of his working life in the property industry, he’s always been obsessed with sales & marketing with careers in recruitment, telesales and field sales before moving into property in 2005. 

Over the years, Mark’s obsession with marketing has led him to becoming very good at generating leads via online tactics, in particular funnel building and copywriting. 

Mark understands the customer journey and how to attract the right kind of leads at the top of the funnel and how to nurture them to becoming, not just paying customers, but returning customers also. 

Mark and his team now help other businesses generate more leads and convert more sales leveraging his 2 decades worth of experience growing businesses and profits. 



Discovery Call

On our initial call we'll discuss your current marketing tactics, who your ideal customers are, what you want to do more of and how many extra leads you can handle per month.

Funnel Setup

Once you've given us the green light, we'll get to work building and setting up your funnel including lead magnets, opt-in pages, calendar linkup and lead management pipelines.

Drive Traffic

Once you're setup we'll get to work on driving quality, targeted web traffic into the top of your funnel. This will include both paid and organic traffic depending on which package you've chosen to go on.

Leads, Leads, Leads

We'll continue to monitor, tweak and improve your funnel for the duration of our time working together. Your leads will be unique to you and of the highest quality, ready for you to convert into appraisals

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